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In Flanders Fields

It’s Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 Used to be called “Decoration Day” in the USA when I was a kid. It’s a day we honor those who died in war defending the principals of freedom the USA deems important enough to defend to the death.

Sometimes war may be more than just about freedom., but that is another story.

Today is not to argue the reasons, but to honor those who died. 

There are many that serve this nation and face the risk of death. I am one. But today is not about serving. It’s about those who serve and pay the cost with their lives, 

A close second are the wounded who return from war. They have seen the final door.  Some have taken a partial step through. 

It’s perfectly fine to remember and honor all who serve this nation on this day. It’s not just another happy holiday with time off from work. Take a moment of silence. Remember the price paid with human lives ended in war.

Then celebrate the beginning of Summer and the freedoms earned from the sacrifice.

There is a poem, written by Canadian John McCrae in WW1. It mentions larks bravely flying in the sky, impervious to what is happening below. Today is when we should pause to remember the poppies and crosses In Flanders Fields.

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