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A Better Link System

The stay-at-home confinement has placed additional loads on Internet activities. My spouse,Gloria is a piano music teacher. Her students entering our home have long been a source of infectious disease into our home. Gloria has always taken precautions with disinfectant wipes and arousal air spays. Long before the Covid-19 issue.

But what has changed is lessons are now provided by audio/video computer links with Face-Time and Skype. Video conferencing has been working for lessons but there have been some glitches with the technology.

I have taken a close look at my home WiFi system. When I first put it together, decades ago, it was pretty much SOTA (State Of The Art) dual band. It has served it purpose very well. Today it has become ancient technology. Now SOTA is triple band and four to five times faster.

No need to state specifics. It is time to update to the far faster speeds. My service from my Internet Provider is running about about 230 Gbps, but the old WiFi was down at 450 Mbps. Gloria’s video teaching is suffering stutters and freezing. I believe mostly because of my WiFi bottleneck. Also, I can see all the neighborhood systems competing for channels and bandwidth.

I have placed on order the biggest, B.A., WiFi home router I could find. A bit pricey but I need all the bells and whistles. No reason to upgrade if not moving to a higher performance level.

It looks like a huge dead spider (eight legs) laying on its back. It is a Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Router for Home (Max-Stream AC5400 MU-Mimo Fast Wireless Router). Up to 5.3GBS WiFi speed (theoretical). I doubt that is always obtainable, but it is far better than my old 450 Mbps router. The number is all three bands added together, but a device can only use one band at a time. So top speed is 2166 Mbps, 4.8 times faster than my old system.

Once in use, I make another user post here in a week or so.


2 comments to A Better Link System

  • Dan

    This thing is LARGE and intimidating. However, it is apparently working extreamly well for my purpose. I think I shall call it “The Beast”.

  • Dan

    Don’t know if any of the claimed speed numbers are accurate but it is fast. Much faster than my previous router. Doesn’t reach the back porch well enough. The router is in my office at the front of the house and there is a lot of mass between there and the back porch. I need to add a link node inside at the back wall to get good connection on the porch. WiFi is in the microwave bands like radar and the signals bounce more than they can penetrate structure. Especially the 5Ghz (faster) channels.
    There is a link router in the garage that now works about 100% better than it did on the old base. Link routers do work well to extend range.
    Overall, the “Beast” is worth the investment.