Facebook 2020

I did some heavy editing on Facebook yesterday. Had to dig deeply into the back-end and clear out all the standard settings on advertising preference, privacy, people I don’t want to “follow” (I never chose to follow any of them). I am so tired of Facebook trying to analyze my activities and judge what I want (they want) me to “see”.

I am this close  –> . <– to shutting down Facebook again for at least 6 months, a year, maybe forever…  For now, I can check in, check on my family and (real) friends and check back off in a minute or two, if nothing new from them. I will see how long these settings last.

I don’t need or want to “live my life” according to Facebook marketing.  I understand many lonely people need that constant contact and forced feeding. If it works for them, fine. I am not the judge.

I have compassion for those people, but I choose to publish my own personal blogs where I have total control. Just like this post.  Here, I am very possibly being tracked by my own browser choice, but I am not the “product” that Facebook overtly exploits. I market nothing but my thoughts, actions and opinions and don’t really desire to have then force-fed to anyone.

My blogs are a personal, but open diary. Here to be read by anyone who takes interest on their own initiative. The reader is not obligated to publicly “like” anything I write. Opinions can be written in the comments. No shortcuts — Ha!

Not preaching here. My view of how I desire to use the Internet