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Internet Outage

We experienced a two (plus) hour outage of our internet yesterday. Almost all our external communication is delivered by that system. The cable television, home phone line and of course our Internet data feeds are dependent on that connection. Its importance is second only to our electrical power feed. Our home is 100 percent electrical energy dependent.

The immediate effect was how quite everything in the house had become. The power was on but only the cell phones would communicate. The air conditioning was performing normal. The indoor temperature was still perfect. All our other electronic “toys” had become almost useless without their normal data feeds.

I liked the sudden peacefulness. I thought, “So this is what life is like totally off the information grid”. Wow! It must be how my twelve-year-old granddaughter feels when forced to disconnect and return to normal conversations.

My spouse was not so reflective about the experience. I was immediately instructed to find out what and why email was not working and why was the TV saying, “no cable connection available.” “The Internet must be down” was not a good enough answer. I am assumed to know everything there is to know about these sorts of catastrophes.

Texting our daughter by cell provided a clue. No problem in her area. The local news has reported a power outage in MY area where a power pole “Caught Fire!”. Yeah, that could do it. I got through to our cable office and a recording said they were experiencing “system outage” in my area but no clue as to the reason. I was satisfied they were aware and were on top of fixing the flaming pole issue.

Two hours is not a long wait. It did give me a chance to contemplate how dependent we have become to both electrical and data connection. The Covid-19 has put us into a secluded lifestyle and most human contact is provided by serial data streams conveyed through the internet.

How frail that link can be is not often considered. But I gave it some thought yesterday…

3 comments to Internet Outage

  • Richard Dryburgh

    So true, Dan.
    How about no hot water and a burst water heater(slow) Upon waking yesterday morning
    I had water off for 5 hours.

  • Daniel Kautz

    I know the experience. Our first house in Plano, TX (no basements) had the water heater in the hall closet outside the bedrooms. Got up, walked down the hallway. Squish, squish, hot water and carpeting. Son Steven had a WH let loose but was in his garage. Last year.

  • Daniel Kautz

    Come to think of it, the water heater here is in the attic over the laundry room and it had a leak too… Sheesh!