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A20M Repair

The A20M is my Geeetech (brand) dual color 3D printer. I also own and operate a Geeetech A20T which is a triple color 3D printer.

The new dual extruder

The A20M has been an excellent quality printing output. However the dual print head as been a fairly serious issue. I just installed the second replacement printhead so it is now running on its third.

The second head is identical to the first but the third is anodized black (see pictures). Geeetech has not said what is different on the new black extruder. (print head).  They do claim it has been improved and I suspect a few internal parts were removed as being unnecessary

There are very tiny multi orifice plates in each color feed port on the original. I believe these plug up very easily and are really non serviceable parts. They were intended to reduce dribble when switching colors. But I have plug up problems with the two original versions containing the orifice plates.

I didn’t tear apart this new extruder as it is far more work than I need to do. The extruder change-out is very tedious and a long process. I don’t want additional work. I’ll let performance speak for itself as I use this new component.

As I said the change-out is not easy. If this dual fead plugs up again, I will seriously start looking for a different machine rather than repair it again. But that will be dependent on how much future multicolor printing I can find reason for doing. My three color printer has been doing fine. The major difference is only the extruder print head. One more color.

New extruder (left) with first extruder (right)

Second extruder with red leads next to original.

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