Giant Suck


Raw Sewage

I have abandoned Facebook for (I think) the third time.

FB has some good points and I enjoy keeping in touch with “real” friends and family. I do not judge my self-worth by how many long-lost and stray-cat “friends” want to join me.  My real friends know how to otherwise keep contact with me if they desire.

The political climate and vicious personal  attacks have driven me away again. The fraudulent advertising is also no attraction. There is more raw sewage in Facebook than I can withstand. I don’t desire the exposure when it is so easy (and hard) to just turn it off. 

It may last six months. More likely a year. Right now forever is fine with me.

Facebook is exploitive. tracking and devouring ones every Internet move and personal posting. Follow a link outside of Facebook and Facebook remains attached, tracking every move and interest. 

Browsers like Firefox have now added “privacy tabs” for viewing Facebook. Of course Googler (sic) and Chromey (sic) are partners-in-crime with Facebook. There is little to NO privacy the moment an internet connection is made. 

I remember when postal “Mail Fraud” was a federal crime. That concept is long gone on the Internet. We have given away privacy because “Big Brother” can better protect…   what?