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Little Mama Cetus

Little Mama Cetus

Sheee’s Baaack!  Mama Cetus has been replaced courteous of my insurance. Original MamaCetus got fried in the lightning strike. Since the first was called “MamaCetus” and the second named “BigMamaCetus” (BMC) (as she was equipped with all the features), the new arrival has been dubbed “LittleMamaCetus” (LMC).

LMC is nearly an exact copy of MamaCetus, a MK1 version. LMC is a MK3 basic and the only real difference is LMC has travel end switches rather than stepper motor stall “home” sensing. It has the original style extruder, which is good as I have a collection of new original nozzles.

First print was a test square checking nozzle height setting and first “real” print had to be “Grumpy Owl”. That is what is being printed in the picture.

Original MamaCetus could be repaired. For sure she needs all new electronics and a power supply. That’s about $180 in repair parts. Assuming the steppers are OK. Also, much “fiddling” if anything else wrong.  The new LMC was only $70 more (on sale) and is all new and perfect working condition. Not a step up like BMC but a very nice exact replacement.

I am happy

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