MX Keys User Report

I am using a new keyboard for my MAC-mini. Made by Logitech, it’s called the “MX Keys for Mac”. Yeah, it’s a very long name. Check out the specifics HERE. No need to duplicate the information in this computer linking age.

They also have near identical versions of “MX Keys” for other OS computers.

Logitech makes a great variety of keyboards, mice and accessories. All pretty good. I have several other Logitech types.

This post is because I am very pleased with how this MAC version keyboard “feels” in operation.

Back in ancient history, the only “good” keyboard was the “Cherry” clickey, long travel mechanical switch, 5 pound (exaggerated) hard-wired monster.  Those keyboards are hopefully long gone.

Key touch experience is important but there is no need for typewriter style long stroke keyboards today. I believe the only reason that was important in the “early days” was so the experienced typewriter-trained folks would feel comfortable. 

We humans can adjust, and so most have adjusted to the current SOTA in short stroke keyboards.  There are preferences of course. As I said, “feel” is important and a bit difficult to describe.

Quite a lot has been written on the subject of “feel” but it is a personal experience that well, must be experienced. Just reporting here I am pleased with my experience.

The MX Keys is a bit expensive in the $100 range. Good tools usually are. There is some justification as it is wireless with both Bluetooth and USB dongle connectivity switchable for three systems. The keys are backlighted. The power is rechargeable every week or so. (10 days to 5 months, see link above)

Did I mention it “feels” good in use.

I recommend you give it some consideration if you are in need of a new keyboard.

I also have some $15 keyboards, supplied with refurbished PC’s I use out in my shop. They are serviceable for the duty of machine control. No where near the quality of the MX Keys. Just sayin’ as I am no keyboard snob, but I like a good keyboard when I use one.