Some Space in the Attic

The BLOG for “The Hobbyist Machine Shop” has lived with it own private URL ( since conception. It always was a bit extravagant for it to have a private domain. I was young and reckless in those days and new domain registrations were cheap.

Now retired, I look for more conservative ways to do things. A blog for “The hobbyist Machine Store” should live in a sub-domain of “The Hobbyist Machine Store”. It does not need to have it own domain and I don’t need to pay the rent for that private domain. What have I been thinking?  Ha!

A dozen mouse clicks and “The Hobbyist Machine Shop – Blog” now resides in the virtual attic of “The Hobbyist Machine Shop”. Its new URL is

I created a permanent “redirect” from the old URL to the new. This will work until the old domain expires in March 2021. I have changed the reference links of which I know, but there may be others. The redirect will fix them for a while.

I assume only other web site builders will understand the above. The results should be invisible to most readers of my websites. Anyone having a bookmark on the old URL and visits in the next few months should receive an automatic update to the new.  It is a feature in web browsers when changes like this are listed as “permanent”.

Thought I would let y’all know what’s going on…