February Weather was Tough

Iced Up Ceiling Fan

Not MY home… Thank goodness!

Good thing February is a short 28-day month, and this is not a leap year. We will have to see if March is a lion or a lamb on Monday.

There should not be another sub-zero weather event this year. Spring comes early for Texas so am hoping that holds true for 2021.

We had no property damage from the Texas Power Grid Fiasco. We are very lucky. The only reason and words we can use.

 Texas State Authorities are being examined for the extreme short-sightedness of state energy management and I am certain the blame will follow many paths, political as well as engineering and equipment deficiencies. I am not the one to sort that out.

Of what I am certain, bottom line blame is human failure to anticipate. The question will be the human ability to be prepared. What is a reasonable expectation.? Human abilities are not perfect. Some people are stupid, some are ignorant. This case, in my opinion, is human incompetence. Look that up, if you must.

The severe weather condition exposed the very human fault of lack of preparedness. The weather is not a controllable condition. It is an environmental condition for which humans watch closely and prepare for the worst conditions and create some acceptable level of protection.

I am reminded of the “old saw” of business management personnel, “Managers are promoted until they reach a level of incompetence (of rising farther).” The problem of political and governmental “appointments of position”, they often are not based on abilities, but political favors.

I fear this trend has reached the highest levels of all political systems. Appointments are a form of reward and the motives need examined as they are for the supreme court. But even that appointment process is a pure political battle rather than strict judicial qualification.

My life continues. I roll with the punches. Thankful for who I am and what do and have done in my personal life.

Sometimes grateful I won’t live forever with the folly of being human.

Just no desire to freeze to death in Texas from incompetent human management. But I won’t dwell on that forever, either…  Who am I to judge myself…? Can I too, be a bit foolish and wrong? Maybe that’s wrong, and I am perfect?  HA!