Kenny Keyboard

I tease the family with examples of how my (our) Frisco home is haunted with mysterious light reflections and apparitions appearing within the house. Of course, I believe none of that is real haunting. It’s just normal visible phenomena that could alternatively be explained using the same creepy format of all the “bad science” programs shown as popular entertainment on video media channels.

Bad Science is a rant for another time. Let me just say, fake science and science fiction is at an all-time high. Creating an all-time low in real science.

Back to my story…

Wife Gloria is away on a “Quilting Sewing Retreat”. It’s a type of sewing club camp-out where (mostly ladies) have an excuse to get together for a big pajama/sewing party without their spouses. It’s really a good thing. Like-interest bonding and fellowship. I support it 100%

So, I decide I can expand on my personal “home alone” side of this retreat. I now have lots of quiet time for my interests. I can play on “Kenny Keyboard” all day long. (Gloria’s pet name for my computer entry activities.)

But soon I felt perhaps, just maybe… I wasn’t “home alone” …

I quickly grabbed a video camera shot of myself at the keyboard. There I was! Completely beside myself! OMG!!!

Maybe that’s Kenny!