No Screams Allowed

Done screaming… For now <grin>

My cure is to spend less time in front of the mass-media servers. They have all become nothing but extreme brain-washing marketing machines. Advertising is certainly more than 50 percent of the content of commercial audio/video entertainment.

I like to turn off commercial entertainment of all kinds and fill the free time thus created with creative imagination and tangible creative effort. I find “making stuff” far more entertaining and rewarding than enduring brain-rot from commercial media advertising sources.

‘Nuff about the evils of media…

I am nearly age 75, retired from my engineering and management career. Where I once enjoyed extreme creative power spending millions of dollars on project material, resources, and labor. Using other people’s money. The enjoyment of total control and responsibility producing tangible results for our customers and fulfilling large corporate goals.

My creative enjoyment today is to spend that kind of time and effort with my many hobbies. Unfortunately, not spending the same funding.  I focus my personal thoughts, feel the toil of my hands, and relish the results of my work.

What I produce today is almost 100% my effort from concept to end. I say “almost” as I am open to creative suggestions and requests.

Most recently I decided to design and produce a new silver finger ring using only hand tools. Meaning no CAD/CAM/CNC. 

Nothing wrong with automation, but on this project I wanted to go back to 100% hand-made.

Within 48 hours I went from the idea, to a slab of blue wax, to a hand carved ring, then lost wax silver casting. to the ring on my finger. 

What never existed and was simply a thought in my mind, is now a Sterling silver ring on my right hand.

This is the amazing power of human creative ability to imagine something that doesn’t yet exist and create a tangible result.

Could be something as common as baking a loaf a bread to building a machine to land a human on the moon.

Think it, plan how to do it, gather resources, do it, examine results. Repeat as necessary.

As long as I can continue that process, I will continue to have a purpose and enjoy the fruits of my effort.