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The Hobbyist Blog on Joomla 4

Just created a new personal blog-site with the URL (THB)

The initial purpose of the new blog is to provide a test platform using the new Joomla 4 CMS (Content Management System). One of my computer operating interests (hobbies) is creating and operating more than a dozen other blog websites along with this one. 

I have many Joomla3 blogs in operation. The new version 4 and its primary template “Cassiopeia” are similar but quite different than Version 3. I tried to upgrade one of my V3 sites to V4 with disastrous results. 

Total recovery was possible as I made new and full backup of all files and database. This failed upgrade proved I needed a start-from-scratch blog-site if I want to “master” Joomla 4. THB was thus born.

This blog is operating with WordPress. My sites are almost evenly split between Joomla and WordPress. I still have a few pure HTML websites as well. Hey! It’s my hobby.

This RD-org blog has been in constant operation for 15 years. I am shifting any new hobby-activity posts I occasionally place here, over to the new THB website. Just because I can. Old posts will remain here. Of course, I also maintain many single-hobby, specific blogs. I know… it confuses me sometimes where to post.

Personal blogs let me master the admin processes used in the more PURPOSEFUL high-traffic websites I manage without experimenting. A personal blog is the perfect training ground.

The new THB website will take on the new hobbyist material from this point, other than this post. It needs fed more content.

This site will always remain accessible. Since you have read this far, please bookmark ~RD

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