Empty Dealership

Made my annual trip to my GTI Volkswagen dealership today. Annual because that is how often I have my oil changed and the required State vehicle inspection performed. Vehicle registration time again for me.

Unknown by me, the dealership had changed ownership but not the main name. I walked into the show-room after leaving the service area, to sit and wait for the work to be completed. I was stunned to see a totally empty dealer show-room. Not one car was inside. 

I had noticed the outside lots seemed a bit low on inventory, but nothing really registered. I think I assumed COVID and low sales may have caused them to reduce the usually very crowded new car inventory.

The service representative came to the lobby to complete the paperwork for the service I wanted. So  I asked what happened to all the inside display. It’s then I was told that the dealership had been sold to new owners. But no other explanation why the inventory was missing.

It’s a bit unnerving to see a totally empty showroom. I am not sure where this business is headed, or if this reduction is common with other auto dealers.

My work went well but almost two hours is a long time for a pre-scheduled oil change and state inspection. They did wash my GTI so some points added there. 

Wondering if they will be here next year for my annual service call?