Domain Reduction

One of my pastimes is hacking around with website creation and publication. I usually build a new one for each of my new activities. Then I give them their own unique web address. Just because I can.

The site creation is a form of entertainment for me playing with my computers.

I have owned and supported well over 20 domains, all at the same time. Some were chosen to support my on-line business activities. Most are simply hobby-orientated. 

Yeah, it’s a little crazy as I could easily combine many of the hobby versions into one. 

Well, in fact I have started doing just that. I don’t really need 20 plus domain names to maintain. It’s just fodder for the search engines. There is only one “top of the list” and all others are also-ran. 

I am not actually closing web sites, just changing some of the domain names into a sub-domain of one of my major domains. The web sites are still independent (and separate). They just share a common main domain name.

The fact is ALL my domains share exactly the same numeric I.P (URL) address. They are sorted to each website by their name, by my hosting service. 

Some readers here may not understand all the above. It’s a very complex system that works at the speed of light! 

My major domains are:

kautzcraft (,com) , (.net) , (.org) , (.studio)

ramblindan (.com) , (.net) , (.org)

tedatum (.com) , (.net) , (.org)

I also have other active domains for my clients.

That is eleven domains in just that list. I have that many more personal domains that I will let expire when they come up for renewal. Making them sub-domains of one of the above. 

I am doing that now by listing the original domain name as an “alias” to the new sub-domain version. I will remove the alias when the name expires

Domain registration cost is about $12-$15 each per year. Not a lot of cost but it adds up when one has too many.

Sub-domains are no extra cost and take the form of: “”. The “name” can be any text or numerals. No punctuation. No limit to the number of sub-domains. is a new subdomain of For example, I could add: (example only) and it would operate as a separate website.

So, in two to twelve months, half my present websites will be reached through sub-domain URL’s.  I figure almost no-one will notice as they are extremely low traffic, reached through links from my more active sites… and I will be saving about half my registration budget!