New Year for 3D Printing

The new year 2023 will see me starting with two new three dimensional printers with which I can create new items I design. Both use plastic filament and are called Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM printers for short. Both are dual filament printers but of totally different methods of handling the filament.

I prefer FDM printing for items that I intend for practical use and not just decorative display. 

The highest resolution 3D printing (for hobbyists) is the photo-reactive resin type printers. Items made with that process are more delicate and fragile. So not the best process if the item is intended to bear any type of mechanical load or stress when used. They create great looking printed items for display because of the extremely small layers used in the printing process.

I just received one of the new FDM printers, the production model of the Tiertime CETUS2. (Lead Picture) I have been using a prototype version CETUS2 for almost a year. It is a single nozzle extruder but is fed with two filament sources that join or take turns exiting the single nozzle when printing. 

Fast color changes and especially mixing of two colors are possible with a dual filament single nozzle extruder.

The next new (and not yet arrived) FDM printer is a separate nozzle, dual filament printer. It is known as an IDEX type. This stands for Independent Dual EXtruder. Two complete and independent print-heads take turns printing one model and also can be used to print two identical prints side by side at the same time. The brand is the Snapmaker J1 IDEX. (SJ1)

The IDEX style printer and any FDM printer with two separate print heads can print two very different types (and temperature) filaments on the same print.

This is great when the support material may be totally different than the material used to make the printed item.The main benefit of IDEX over standard dual extruder FDM printers is the ability to make two separate (but identical or mirror image) prints at the same time.

I have no dual printing ideas in mind yet, but will certainly try it at some point.

The other special feature of the SJ1 is that is contained in a totally enclosed case. The SJ1 IDEX can print as a single extruder with #2 extruder off and parked, all day long if I desire. The closed case will permit me to print high temperature filaments within a controlled temperature environment. 

I have not had the ability to do that in the past. So a new range of filament materials (and projects) will become available for my use.

I am not a business or a printing service. I want the ability to try new ideas and materials and be as creative as possible. The two new printers will provide many more options and keep me busy printing into the new year 2023.

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Oh yeah… Hope you have a wonderful New Year 2023 as well!