Digital Clock Project

Couldn’t decide which one of my many hobby blogs to post this project. It covers several. Electronics and 3D printing.

The electronics is a $15+ Chinese made soldering kit. All the tiny electronic components and a printed circuit board (PCB). Available at Amazon.

Definitely NOT a beginners kit. It’s a good way to get all the components. There are complete operating digi-clocks at this price, so it is not a quick path to a cheap clock. 

I have been soldering components for at least 65 years and I possess all the correct tools. I definitely have the skill. Ham radio guy for 54 years. 

Look at the Amazon page in the link above and you will see what the kit contains. The instructions are a series of pictures. The translation to english is hard to find and extremely minimal. It’s definitely not a Heath-Kit quality kit. 

BTW, HeatKit are still in business but not like their prime 50 years ago.

This kit is a good parts source for folks who can handle a small soldering iron and very tiny components. The 5V. power source is not provided but the USB cord is included.

The clear case is rugged but not very attractive. I knew before starting I was going to design and 3D print a new case. 

Actually the original clear case is inside the new external case. 

Lots of features (3 alarm settings) within the clock programming. Day of week is a bit odd with Monday set as the first day of the week. I can get used to that. All the display colors can be programmed with variable effects and color changes. Choice of three built-in tunes for alarm.

Good source of electronics and a simple 3D print project. Not a super exciting ultimate build project. Just a nice little “build-it” project that works well.