Peace At Last?

The extreme amount of spam and filth entering my email inbox has been overwhelming for years. Most of it duplicated many times over and over. Literally hundreds of SPAM emails per day.

I developed  a routine of mass deletion. Usually Command A (select all) then delete. Poof! 50 emails gone. But that usually just moved them to the trash folder. So I had to repeat the action again there.

There may be a way to skip that second step, but it does provide a safety stop before total email annihilation. 

The dupes are what was really disturbing me. So I decided to closely check the headers in the SPAM. 

OMG! They are not even addressed to one of my email names. My domain but user names I never saw before.

Then the brain-light comes on.  These are all my old business email domains. The spammers just make up any name their sick minds can conjure. 

The problem for me is I set my business domains to pass though every email, however addressed. That was so I might not miss anything important due to a misspelled address name.

Obviously the spammers take advantage. 

Today, that hole has been plugged. My email system will now reject any and every email without a totally correct and valid email user name.

I have no metrics yet as to how effective this plan will be. But I do know it is a much better way to handle my spam issue. Just close the open door.