Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard

Replaced my keyboard and mouse on the WIN11 computer system.

I always use Logitech. They get the job done. The new one is their MX Mechanical with the “Linear” keys. This is the first mechanical Logitech (I have other mechanicals) I have owned.

There has always been a big brag about using a mechanical keyboard. It’s all about the feel and the audio feedback when typing. Eh? It’s still just a keyboard.

The MX Mechanical is one of their pricier keyboards. It IS very nice and I have no remorse over the cost. I wanted to experience the mechanical keyboard just to understand what all the hype is about. I assume it grows on you with use.

Logitech screwed with their old customers using wireless keyboards. They changed the receiver USB dongle to a type named “Bolt”, that is incompatible with their previous “Unifying” one. All old hardware is now obsolete to use the new “Bolt” dongle. Plain computer OS system Bluetooth is still good.

I had to upgrade the mouse I use with the WIN11 system to one with the new USB “Bolt.” Otherwise, I needed to use both (2) dongles to run new keyboard with old mouse.

The new mouse I picked is the MX Master 35. More buttons and features than my older mouse. Amazon had a combo sale with $40 off list with the “Linear” style key movement.

I would be “hard pressed” to figure out which key feel would be the best (Pun Intended) I picked the one with the best purchase deal.

Bottom line. It’s a good keyboard. It works, It is clicky. It’s not compatible with older “Unifying” USB dongles.

I broke my old MX wireless keyboard and I wanted to try the Logi mechanical so I would have the experience. The key touch is good, just a bit noisier than the other MX keyboards. It sounds like you are typing on a keyboard.