I watched a video stream late last night on my cell phone. Trying to get sleepy enough to turn out the lights and go to sleep. It was about an adult mature young lady who made her career to be an expert in old clock-work mechanics and automatons. Look up that word if you don’t know.

She (or the voice over commentator) made a comment stating her life-work was a return to tangible mechanical automation in a world that was fast becoming  a cyber digital illusion of non-tangible representations.

I had a sudden epiphany moment. The reason I enjoy machine shop work and now 3D printing is because I take the intangible design idea and make something real I can touch. With simulated 3D using CAD and CNC I operate machines that make real 3D tangible items.

No comparison to her extreme manual skill and ability as a micro machinist building and repairing delicate mechanical mechanisms without the use of any type of computer assistance. 

A fairly unique and rare niche that puts her in a special occupation she has truly mastered. She also hand makes original small mechanical devices of her own design.

There was a mention of the “Silver Swan” made in 1773, in the video.

For me it was the realization how far automation has slipped away from pure mechanical hardware. Not that it is better than electronic equivalents. It certainly is not better. Digital clocks are far more accurate long term than any mechanical clockwork. But tangible hand made unique items have far more human involvement aura about them. 

I fully understood why this person enjoyed the unusual career she chose to pursue and master. I felt the bond of old things mechanical and hand made.They have the human touch.