CAD skills

Refining my CAD drawing skills. The lead picture is a 3D print I designed in Autodesk FUSION 360.

Trying to move away from the typical blocky mechanical look of conventional drafting. Here we have a more “organic” looking vase with leaves around the bottom.

Organic CAD drawing is possible but requires a little bit more work and creative thinking. Also a good knowledge of how the drawing tools work and a willingness to experiment a bit.

There are 3D graphic software applications specifically intended for the smooth organic style drawing. Those programs are usually not so concerned with exact dimensioning as the true CAD system.

One that I own is called ZBrush. It’s outstanding in its capabilities but has a very steep learning curve. I have made 3D prints with ZBrush, but I am no where close to proficient. It takes dedication and I have not spent the time to become expert.

I mostly hack around with the standard 3D applications. 

As a hobbyist, I don’t make an income from being terrifically proficient in my drawing skills. I need to be good enough to enjoy the creative process and not stress out over the technical demands of mastering a high professional level application.

The vase show was a bit of a challenge making decent looking leaves. The tiniest drawing flaw can mess with what should be easy 4-stage loft.

I’ll post a larger 3D print as soon as I make one. Here is the first one at 66% scale in PETG and is a bit rough to my standards. But not terrible.


Black base not part of this print