WAW! What a Week!

This has been a busy week. The “almost house fire” has kept me busy. Lots to do to get everything back to normal after that event. The electrical repair was a little pricey but not too bad. The service was outstanding. My heat pump repair was very pricey and the workers somewhat of a fiasco, more about that in another post. It deserves one of its own. Read Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey page.

The Insurance Company has promised to come through and cover everything except my deductable. That was great news, but I haven’t seen the check yet. The total bill is over $6K.

The VPN to the office let me work from home a couple of days so I didn’t get behind in my real job. It also let me keep the HVAC installers on the straight and narrow. At first they had no idea I have been doing “their work” for over 45 years. Notice I wrote, “at first” 🙂

I am no longer amazed at how these major expensive events seem to come to our (Gloria and I) home. For any renters reading this, it is part of the joy of owning your own home. It makes house insurance a necessary expense.