Blog How-To

I just realized I have been posting to this blog for about a year and I never gave any instructions on how readers should respond. Blogs are cool because it can be a two way conversation. You will see a few comments scattered through the pages. There could be a lot more.

There is one major flaw in the site design. At the bottom of a post there is always a line that says, “NO COMMENTS”. It seems to be saying, “DO NOT COMMENT”. It’s intention is to say, “THERE ARE NO COMMENTS YET, CLICK HERE TO START ONE”

I usually write with some intention to stir up response. It is OK to add your own point of view. Blogs are also intended for linking to other sources of information. I try to add links whenever something needs further information. Reader comments can also lead to links or other Blogs.

There is a hesitation for some folks to become involved. It is a bit fearful to know other folks will be reading what you have to say. It is obvious I overcame that phobia long ago. Feel free to jump in even if it is just to say “That’s cool” or “You have got to be kidding!”

This site is run on my server. There is no one collecting information about who participates (beside myself) so registration is not to be feared. I require registration just to keep the spam out. It works very well as this site is not hit as hard from canned ham as the TEDEX forum I also run.

Most everyone here is a subscriber except for myself. That means everyone can read and make comments, but little else. I can also enable other classifications if anyone wants to contribute in other ways, such as being an author. I’ll even let you know how to set up your own Blog if you want.

This Blog is just my personal doings, but others can be anything from photo displays, to a social medium. Search the term “blog” on any search engine and you will get the idea.

The point I want to leave is that readers are highly encourage to share their thoughts and comments. It is better than a simple one way web-page as a blog is two way. You can talk back to the writer!

~ Dan’l