Dan & GloriaYes! Frisco, Texas is actually named after the “Frisco Railroad”. Frisco is a rapidly growing bedroom community 20 miles due north of Dallas. However, this site is not about my town.

I’m Dan Kautz, the webmaster of this (very) little piece of the WWW. This site is mostly about me and my many activities and interests. I’ll make no claim about being humble or shy. Posting my own blog page is evidence enough that I am not.

That’s my wife Gloria next to me. We’ve been married (to each other) since October, 1968. This is what we looked like after 35 years! (Now over 45!) Her web site is linked from here and represents her piano music studio business. Someday, I may get her to publish information about her sewing and quilting interests.

We have two grown children (twins, January 1972) named Steven and Shelley living in Plano, Texas. We let them visit us from time to time. Sometimes though, we drag them in biting and screaming… or bribes sometimes help. Just kidding, they have always been a great joy in our lives. Son Steve is married to Danielle and they have given us our first granddaughter, Tessa. Shelley is married to Doug Steele.

My vocation is Construction Services Manager with Schneider Electric – Professional Services. We were formerly known as CSI (Control Systems International) and then we were purchased by TAC in Sweden. Now Schneider Electric in France is our parent company.

We have always been involved with sales, design and installation of computer controlled commercial energy management systems including HVAC system upgrades and all other kinds of mechanical and major construction involving energy management.  Check out our web sites to see what this is all about. http://www.schneider-electric.com/

Special thanks to Wayne and Buena Stevenson for the opportunity to work for this great company starting way back in July 1997 when it was CSI!