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I know I am not the first or only person to ponder this question. Probably every human on earth has given this some thought if they have had enough of time. 

When I was young, say before 20 years of age, I am sure I gave it consideration. How long will I live? It was of little importance. Old age was a long way off. Nothing of which to be concerned.

Twenty more years passed. I was saving for something called “retirement” But that was more than twenty years away. But I was thinking about time a bit harder.

Another twenty years. I am still working hard at my […] Continue reading » HOW MUCH TIME?

KautzCraft Studio

Originally I created the KautzCraft Studio website and brand name to identify and promote my lost wax cast silver jewelry. I created an on-line e-commerce website to present those jewelry creations for purpose of sale. 

Honestly, my websites have attracted more attention from promoters who think they can manage my micro business better than I can. It’s all about search engine secrets only they understand. There is way more business “about the business” than the business itself. 

I am not looking for world wide web dominance so the hundred SEO emails a month are barking up the wrong tree. The only thing it proves is that […] Continue reading » KautzCraft Studio

Tick – Tock

Got off on a mental side trip this morning

I have been doing some repair / time tuning on a long case pendulum clock (a.k.a. grandfather’s clock) in my home. I know the swing period of the pendulum is what regulates the accuracy of the time keeping.

Lengthen the pendulum which slows the period of oscillation and the clock runs slower. Shorten length for faster timing (which should be obvious.)

I started timing the “ticks” with the seconds displayed on my smartphone digital clock. I assumed the ticks should be related to the seconds ticking by. But this is not exactly the case!

The ticks were close to one […] Continue reading » Tick – Tock

Just Ask

Before it is too late…

I just read one of those “paid by the column-inch” web articles that proliferate the internet. I linked the column-inch term as many readers (the one or two) of this blog may not be familiar with the term. The articles are usually very trivial as the author is getting paid by the inch to fill the space available.

Here is the core of that story. Time changes peoples views and scope of what has meaning to them. The articles topic was. “Why there is no big interest in family heirlooms and hand-me-downs.” Precious old items old folks hang on to thinking […] Continue reading » Just Ask

AWS Cloud

I didn’t mention in the previous post the new KautzCraft LASER website is installed on its own virtual server in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud. Of course its actual location is irrelevant and only of interest to me.

One of my many hobby interests is building web sites. Because I can. 

The easiest way to deploy a web site is through the use of a website provider. I presently use Mochahost. GoDaddy is another well advertised provider but I have never used them. These and many other hosting services provide all the background infra structure needed to build a website. 

When using a […] Continue reading » AWS Cloud