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This week started with a literal BANG!

Lightning again struck my house here in Frisco, Texas. This is the second time. First time was Monday June 29, 2009. A little over 11 years ago. Search “lightning” (upper right corner) on this blog for more information. (Yes, this blog is much older than ten years.)

This one was on Sunday morning August 30, 2020. About O500.  One hell of a wakeup for a Sunday morning. (Words carefully chosen…)

The bolt struck my nearly 20 year in-place vertical amateur radio antenna. Just outside the bedroom window. The vertical antenna is mounted above the lowest corner of the roofline on […] Continue reading » Big BOOM – II

Internet Outage

We experienced a two (plus) hour outage of our internet yesterday. Almost all our external communication is delivered by that system. The cable television, home phone line and of course our Internet data feeds are dependent on that connection. Its importance is second only to our electrical power feed. Our home is 100 percent electrical energy dependent.

The immediate effect was how quite everything in the house had become. The power was on but only the cell phones would communicate. The air conditioning was performing normal. The indoor temperature was still perfect. All our other electronic “toys” had become almost useless without their normal data feeds.

I liked the […] Continue reading » Internet Outage

Smoke and Mirrors

Continue reading » Smoke and Mirrors

Number Please?

This is the USB modem I purchased about 5 months before the lightning strike. It was plugged into a rear USB port and had the phone line connected. All I use it for is an occasional FAX as phone modems are so obsolete, they are not installed in computers any longer.

It was still hot to the touch hours after the strike. The circled areas are the burned components . The component board sets on the plastic bottom cover just the way you see it here. The top cover in the rear is flipped 180 degrees. The burn […] Continue reading » Number Please?

The Big Boom!

This is not about how the universe was created. It is about how some matter was destroyed, converted to energy so to speak. A good (true) story for the 4th of July.

You have read about the many disasters Gloria and I have been through in the last several years. You know, “The Great Crash” and then there was “A House Fire (Almost)”. My sprained ankle hardly counts except it has taken a month to heal. The latest to be described here is “The Big Boom!”

It happened about 10:00 AM on Monday June 29, 2009. I was already at work 20 miles away for about 3 ½ hours. At […] Continue reading » The Big Boom!