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Getting Down to Business

After I got all my tax work done, I was feeling so good that I tackled getting my The Hobbyist Machine Store (THMS) bookkeeping in first class condition. I worked on that second most favorite thing to do (next to doing the taxes) until bedtime last night. I got it finished.

I had the end of year (2011) balanced, closed and reports printed as needed for taxes, but I had let the first quarter of 2012 slide by without doing serious month end work. I can get by with that since my little business is a sole proprietor with no employees. The bookkeeping is accrual but THMS pretty much runs […] Continue reading » Getting Down to Business

Paid Time Off

I am using up my excess PTO before the end of the year. That is Paid Time Off for the non corporate world. That started back when corporations of the Dilbert variety combined sick days and paid vacation into PTO. No more need to call in sick just to take a day off.

Corporations buy each other and merge benefits. That happened to me. I didn’t lose how many PTO days I can earn (at 14 years I am maxed out) but the limited number that can be carried over year to year changed to 50% less.

To encourage people to use their PTO the policy has always been (for […] Continue reading » Paid Time Off

Hot News – Making a Difference

The very hot weather here in North Texas has kept me in the air conditioning for the last few weeks. Temperatures have been hovering at the 100 degree and above range. Actual real world temperature, where people work and live are much higher by sometimes 10 degrees than what is reported officially out in the middle of DFW airport. The weather reports “no new records” so the official temperatures (105 F) are typical for Texas this time of the year (the hottest!)

The Air Conditioning at my home is running and the meter keeps slowly ticking over. Thankfully, I have replaced all my mechanical heat pump systems with the highest […] Continue reading » Hot News – Making a Difference