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Mass Production?

Wax mold example

My wife Gloria sold some of my lost wax silver work today. That’s good! But now I have to get busy and and get some more made. Lost wax casting is not exactly a factory operation around my studio/workshop. Hand carving usually takes several days just on the carving. The CNC mill carving requires about a half day to do the carving if the code is already written and proven.

I do get a little faster carving when I make things several times. That’s just the wax carving part. There are quite a few involved steps before I have a finished piece. The time […] Continue reading » Mass Production?

Casting Silver

Check out my latest efforts in lost wax casting. Here is a link to a new post in RD’s Workshop.


I gathered my silver casting work I still have around, and put it together on my work bench lamp base. So here is a group picture. It’s all 100% Sterling and 100% made in the USA (even the raw silver is from the USA)

I am doing the wax work and the casting (lost wax process) and having a load of fun being creative. Silver price has been dropping so the investment in what is shown is not very high. Under $150 the amount shown. The personal value is well more than the raw cost of silver, but it is always worth no less than the current silver market, […] Continue reading » Silver

Wax on, Wax off…

Daniel gets a lesson in wax from the Master.

I have been active in my workshop / studio getting my silver (yeah, the real solid metal Sterling stuff) casting system ready for operation. I am really excited as I can see the shiny silver at the end of the tunnel. Maybe that‘s a train headlight… oh well.

The process is much more complex than the average person can imagine. Although I have been studying the process for many years, and even took a class on how to do it, it’s not until now as I prepare for the first time on my own, have I realized how complex […] Continue reading » Wax on, Wax off…

Last Investment?

I got my carved in wax, Celtic Infinity Knot invested last night at my lost wax casting class. I’ll cast it next Monday night. That’s the last night of my paid for classes. So if all goes well I will have two casting sessions under my belt. The first casting was of two items so I will have three items, a ring, treble cleft and a Celtic Knot cast in sterling silver. Not too shabby…

I enjoy the creative work and the fact not everyone has done this, except for maybe a half million artists, jewelers, and dental labs. Well, it’s good company. I don’t think it will be the […] Continue reading » Last Investment?