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Is the Fat Lady Singing?

Just when you think it is over… it is not quite. Hopefully I can stop talking about Site5 and all the foibles. My issues may be over, but I have a friend I have been mentoring on setting up Joomla websites. I encouraged him to install with the former ISP I was using before we knew of the move to Site5. So, I am somewhat responsible to him.

His website(s) were moved on Friday, two days ago, to Site5. Of course, they were broken from the move. We both use registrars (but different ones) outside of our ISP. I do that because it makes moving websites much cleaner and […] Continue reading » Is the Fat Lady Singing?

The Saga of Site5

Two days ago, all my websites listed in the left column (including this one) were unreachable. An error message generated from C Panel told visitors there was a URL or server IP error. Usually that produces a 404 error but not from Site5. My secure sites were functional (SSL) but all regular sites were off-line.

I contacted Site5 through Chat as that is their only method to generate a repair ticket. I fully explained what I have written above. The response was they would reset the Domain Name Servers (DNS) and all would be well.

They did reset my root account ( but none (10+) of my other domains […] Continue reading » The Saga of Site5


Moving is tough

I going to talk about moving from one “shared server” Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another.

The first time I did it was at least 12 years ago. Possibly longer. The name doesn’t matter as I am sure they no longer exist. The service and support were so bad, I think it was a one-man operation with a rack of servers in his garage. I only had a few separate websites then. It seemed like a major event when I decided to move all my sites to a new ISP. They were all HTML websites with no databases to make things complicated. Basically, just an extended file […] Continue reading » DO NOT USE THIS ISP!

No Pictures Allowed

I suddenly developed problems loading photos (jpegs) to my CMS sites through their built-in PHP handlers. This was for Joomla and WordPress. This was only with ixwebhosting. I tested my Joomla in the AWS cloud and back end photo loading worked perfectly there.

The strange part was that it seemed to be only with .jpg files I had been editing with Adobe. But I soon discovered files straight off the camera had the same issue. It seemed to be something with not accepting the mime type. The error report said the photos were “dangerous” and the upload was blocked.

I searched the forums on the web and found some […] Continue reading » No Pictures Allowed



I have been a user of Adobe software almost from the day the Adobe business was created. I used some of the products like Aldus PageMaker before they became Adobe products. I have several full suites of Adobe web and graphic design.

Adobe and many other such products have gone to a subscription / creative cloud-based (CC) distribution. I presently have a CC subscription to the Adobe Photo Editing package with PhotoShop, Lightroom, and a few other accessory applications.

I lost my old Creative Suite (CS) install due to a Drive C: failure on my PC. They are “buy and install” rather than a cloud subscription. […] Continue reading » Adobe