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OH Noooo!

Asus Eee PC 1005HAB Net Book Computer

Asus Eee PC 1005HAB Net Book Computer

I must be a glutton for punishment. I am allowing Microsoft to update my little baby NETBOOK from Windows 7 minimal version to Windows 10. The good part is that it is a free upgrade.

As I have written previously saying I thought Win 10 was a pretty good operating system. I was having issues with old Asus motherboards and AMD processors. The NETBOOK is an Asus so we will see how that goes.

I have had the little netbook computer dual-booting with Ubuntu Linux for several years. I removed Linux about a year ago as I saw no purpose for a dual boot NETBOOK. Both OS’es provided the same service so I decided one had to go. The WIN 7 was compatible with the Asus software that was designed for the computer.

The goofy WIN 7 was always prompting for me to upgrade to the full Windows 7 for a price of course. Now that I have waited MS out I will accept the free upgrade to WIN 10.

The very worse scenario if WIN 10 bombs (I don’t think it will) is to wipe the hard drive clean and load up Ubuntu again. I can’t really loose, but I do have a backup plan. Always have a backup plan…

The update is very slow in processing. It’s at 25% as I write this. It will take at least an hour if not longer.

I’ll add to this after it finishes the update and I have a chance to put the new OS through it paces on the Netbook. It is not a touch screen and I have been using WIN10 with a mouse for some time. I won’t have a learning curve

More to Follow

OMG! I was right…

There was a very big problem after WIN 10 loaded on my Asus PC 1005HAB Netbook computer. There was an Asus ACPI driver that suddenly went missing. It created a non dismiss-able warning (it wouldn’t go away) to install the driver. It would be impossible to live with the constant message.

There luckily is a lot of information available on the problem when I searched Google. Unfortunately (as usual) most of it was bum skinny. Asus won’t support WIN 10 on this computer and Microsoft was way off track. Tom’s Hardware site had the key. I had to load an ASUS WIN 8 hot keys driver (from Asus) and it cured the problem. Amen.

I am using the computer to write this update using Open Office Writer. I seldom compose directly on line. Timeout issues and lost text has happened too many times. The pictures shows the new start screens.

Will it upgrade? Yes, it will. Will it be painless? Probably not. If you are as clever a detective as I am, you can fix the problems. There were many comments in my searching where other victims just decided to go back to WIN 7.

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