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YES, I Could…

I am so annoyed by intense pro-active repetitive marketing…


I know I am not the first or only person to ponder this question. Probably every human on earth has given this some thought if they have had enough of time. 

When I was young, say before 20 years of age, I am sure I gave it consideration. How long will I live? It was of little importance. Old age was a long way off. Nothing of which to be concerned.

Twenty more years passed. I was saving for something called “retirement” But that was more than twenty years away. But I was thinking about time a bit harder.

Another twenty years. I am still working hard at my […] Continue reading » HOW MUCH TIME?

Just Ask

Before it is too late…

I just read one of those “paid by the column-inch” web articles that proliferate the internet. I linked the column-inch term as many readers (the one or two) of this blog may not be familiar with the term. The articles are usually very trivial as the author is getting paid by the inch to fill the space available.

Here is the core of that story. Time changes peoples views and scope of what has meaning to them. The articles topic was. “Why there is no big interest in family heirlooms and hand-me-downs.” Precious old items old folks hang on to thinking […] Continue reading » Just Ask

Bad Skinny

My world of “science” knowledge sources seems to be filled with a minimum eighty percent bad information. In the Navy we called it “bad skinny” I had a hard time finding this term on the internet until I defined it as “the skinny”. Many examples can be found when you ask properly.

That is a part of the problem. Knowing how to ask a proper question to get the proper information. 

Also common. Asking questions that only fit the answers expected. Shaping facts to fit preconcieved notions. All bad science. 

But this is far from the real problem.

The world hears more expressed opinions rather than […] Continue reading » Bad Skinny

Excessive/Aggressive Marketing Semantics

The Hermitage – No advertising!

When is marketing/advertising excessive?  Every day is the correct answer.

Every external world contact activity is crammed with marketing propaganda to make people dissatisfied with their present condition. It’s gone far beyond creating simple product/services awareness.

How we look, how we smell, what we own, how we are educated, everything we are “missing” in life! It is never ending pressure to trade our financial resources (spendable present and future incomes) for what we must have NOW!

In a previous life (before retirement) I was a DMA (Dealer Marketing Advisor) My job was to help our corporate dealer (agents) market and sell our […] Continue reading » Excessive/Aggressive Marketing Semantics