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Network Boost

I purchased a bit of WiFi Tech for my home computer network. It’s called a WiFi range extender, model WN2500RP, made by Netgear. A.K.A N600. Cost is in the $50.00 range.

It is not the same brand as my WiFi router (Cisco) but works well with it. It provides a number of services and benefits to my home network. I will explain why and how.

I have three machine control computers in my workshop which is also my garage. My office where the Main WiFi Router is located is on the West side if the house. The router is located at the west wall of the room.

The workshop/garage is on the East side of the house. One computer is at the East wall and the other two are about the middle of the garage. Range is about 50 feet through several walls.

I can connect unassisted to the main Wifi router over that distance but I usually suffer a number of dropouts and reconnects every few minutes. Bearable for a file transfer, but very annoying waiting for a re-connect.

My plan was that this new Netgear range extender will cure the dropout issue.

The Netgear range extender works two ways. It contains both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios. It has four Ethernet ports for direct connection by Cat5 cable and can also be accessed by WiFi to act as a WiFi repeater. Both types of computer connections are then WiFi linked to the main Wifi router in my office using one or both of the radio link frequencies.

Initial tests (indicator lights) indicate I have a full strength connection between the range extender and the main router at both frequencies. Link performance on a computer connected by Cat5 wire to the extender is outstanding. Far superior to the WiFi bridge I had been using.

I tested a WiFi to WiFi connection using my netbook rather than the shop computer’s wired connection. I used the extender’s new access ID and the connection became immediately transparent.

I am not doing, nor intend to do, high data rate communication, such as video streaming. The Netgear WN2500RP is capable of dual band connections up to 600Mbps with proper WiFi gear at both ends of the connection. Not required in my application.

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