Vista Update & Energy

After the strenuous upgrade that took more than a week to accomplish, I can now report after many months of use that the MS Vista OS has been (operationally) quite stable and reliable. I always figured it would be, it had to be.

Oh, all the other problems have not gone away. The OS has to be treated “special” by every piece of software that runs on or in the OS. It is a brave new world with Vista. In my opinion, it is definitely NOT just an upgrade. I’ll say it again; it is a whole new world. Proper (new) hardware is a key part of its success. It will not be adopted in my real work until it has to be, but it will.

I will look back and think of the change as just a bump in the road, an expensive bump in the road that will get lost in time. It is an operating system for the masses. Home brew from scratch applications will be very rare or never attempted. (Except perhaps by virus brewers) Applying applications to their fullest extent is today’s challenge. I have run a version of Real BASIC in the Apple OSX but have yet to try it in Vista.

MAC OSX is still one of my personal favorites, maybe because it has a nice way of asking for root permissions when making changes. There is just something very solid about an OS that doesn’t have to be designed to work with thousands of combinations of hardware. That may limit the MAC in hardware but it makes for an OS system that “just works”. However, it will remain an elite OS of choice for quite some time.

Playing with PIC micro computers in robotics and other control operations is the place where I consider pure hobbyist logic computer hacking continues to reside. Control systems by the way are my business, my real job. I was led to my profession, not by the PC, but in my quest to make computers “do something” in a mechanical control sense.

The PC computer is now an office machine and a “front end” window into distributed control systems. Today’s building automation and process controls do not live in one big computer. These systems are composed of a network of small, special design, intelligent controllers all talking to each other in real time. Most can “stand alone” for awhile and just do their job.

If you know any young folks who have the knack and really want to work with doing real world control with intelligent controllers, have them contact me. This is a cutting edge occupation, as what I do is use computing technology to conserve vast amounts of the world’s energy. You wondered how I was going to get to the energy topic, right.

In my lifetime, the developed world has become absolutely dependant on digital electronic computer systems as well as a need for energy conservation. The PC operating system to choose for my lap or desktop is only a tiny detail of what is really going on our brave new computer controlled world. It is the ability of constant computer monitoring and control, that has made energy conservation not only possible, but very effective. It is a noble cause for someone looking for rewarding career path.

~Dan Kautz, CEM, BEP, CSDP (Certified Energy Manager, Business Energy Professional, Certified Sustainable Development Professional)