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Life is Good


First a little computer update. If I believed in a jinx I wouldn’t post this but since I don’t…

All my electronics seem to be running fine AND the storms have gone away (for awhile). All is peaceful in the Kautz communications center here in Texas.

My Linux box is running perfectly with its’ new Fedora 17 OS. I am enjoying re-discovering how well I can do most daily work with just a free Linux operating system. The real usefulness of any computer is the programs it can run. Linux is no slouch and I notice old favorites like Firefox (browser) and Gimp (Photo & graphic editor) are more mature and better than ever. I also run a whole bunch of other free Linux applications.

No more detail or Linux-brag for now but I will be hard pressed to pay for or recommend a retail OS in the future, at least just for casual home use.

My WIN7 machine is all healed and the new NIC (Network Interface Card) is a screamer. Data transfer is vastly improved there.

Yes even with the above pro-Linux starting paragraphs, a WIN machine is still necessary. It is the big daddy OS. Dual or multi-booting is a worthy option, not requiring two (or more) computers.

My quad processor WIN box hardware is still well above current new computer specifications. So it remains state of the art. That means barring more electrical discharge problems, there is a lot of life left in that machine.

Microsoft is about to pull WIN8 out of testing so there will be a new revenue stream for them. I will have to look long and hard to see if an upgrade is worth the many shekels required. There needs to be a “killer application” that requires the new OS. It’s obvious they are betting on touch screens.

My router is working perfectly so I am still wonder how things connected to it could die and yet it remains a fully functional survivor. It could all be coincidental but…

The Commercial

Actually, trying to discover root cause is enjoyable. It’s like doing forensic CSI without all the dead bodies.  My real profession in the energy management business has me working with huge distributed micro-computer control systems and desktop computer systems interconnected over miles of private and public network systems. I have dealt with every known electrical and computer problem and sometimes a few unknown.

My current position is Construction Services Manager so I lean more toward construction site management systems, field safety, subcontractor qualification and process support. Almost 50 years in HVAC (since age 16) is a great background but I am still cutting edge with technology and my thinking.

Here is a plug for my main income sponsor. Go check out Schneider Electric US website. Energy management is a great career these days. For non USA readers you can change countries at the top of the page. Schneider Electric (SE) is a global corporation.

I (or you) can touch most everything you read in that site. Energy Management is a broad and wonderful career opportunity and SE can fill your life (like it has mine) with meaningful challenge and purpose. What I write about here in Ramblin’ Dan is just a glimpse of my personal interests and sometimes small frustrations. Life is great when you are doing what you enjoy. Not being constantly perfect is actually a blessing. Think about that. I do.

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