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Going Green

My employer Schneider Electric has picked a new location for our Dallas, Texas area office. Actually we are now in Carrollton, TX but are slated to move to a new facility in Coppell, TX which is the next town west of our present location.

The lease is up where we are and Schneider wants to “walk the talk” in a much “greener” building than we presently live. So they are starting from the ground up. They are not painting it green. Green is a term for low energy use and sustainable design. Also in the vernacular is the term “Low Carbon Footprint”. That’s a core of our business model.

The new building site is due north of the north south runways of DFW International Airport. It is also across the street from the Dallas Cowboys fulfillment (warehouse) center. There is a big blue “Cowboys” star on their roof. It can only be seen when flying above or in Google maps.

This short 104 second video shows the slab for the new building and the Cowboy center. Also the north bound takeoff flights from DFW.  These flights were apparently from the main N-S runways. There are some angled runways NW/SE and a smaller N/S  to the east but they are not likely to be flyovers unless there are sharp turns after takeoff. The filming took less than 5 minutes so you can see and hear the number of flights this day.

I can only assume the building will be sound proof as well as “green”. Ha! On another look, it is good sustainable use of a location that would be unsuitable (too noisy) for say, residential use. It is located in a large industrial park area.

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