…it’s time to call it a day.

The wedding is over! It went off with a hitch! (That’s a joke son.) All is well at the Kautz residence in Frisco. We all look forward to big events like well planned weddings but it always feels good after the event and all the loose ends have been tied or don’t matter any more.

Now I am fixin’ to get back to regular living whatever that means. 🙂 I hardly know what regular means.

The Texas weather is finally getting a bit cooler and we have received some rain at last. Maybe one more mowing of the yard will be required. The heat & drought slowed the grass growing but it still needed cuttin’ from time to time. The rain will help it grow.

The workshop is cooler, so will be working there more often. I have a large used mill scheduled to arrive at the workshop later this month. I will be detailing and commissioning it. I will publish pictures as usual. The machinist types reading this will be interested.

‘Nuff said for now! back to my real job.