Privacy Opinion

This is an unimpassioned observation, not a rant… 🙂

We American people and certainly the folks in all foreign lands have totally surrendered our privacy to social sharing and government scrutiny. I am aware that everything I do today is being recorded into massive electronic databases for present known and future unknown exploitation.

Every public and internet purchase I make using credit cards is stored and examined for information about my habits. This includes every tank of gas or gallon of milk. Cash purchases in stores, which I seldom do these days, is stored as video data.

The very worse privacy killer is anything connected to the internet. Widows 10 Operation System is a prime new example. It works wonderfully, but I may as well be posting every action (including what I am writing here) on every billboard in the country. This is even before it is published. Every URL I open is recorded and stored.

George Orwell is correct in his prediction. If you don’t know my reference, Google it. You might learn something.

However, the action above will be recorded and used in a court of whatever.

The data is massively distributed and kept everywhere. Its saved inside my own computer devices. It is amassed in a wholesale storage called data farms. It’s available in public access records. Government and private business can be forced to share. Personal information is now a commodity. Hackers exploit as much of this stored data as they can break into. Nothing about me is totally secure and private.

This is my opinion, formed from 40 years of observation. I don’t need to build hard evidence to prove this to anyone. It is in my opinion, simply a fact of today’s life. If anyone thinks otherwise, I feel it is unfortunate for them.

Records have been kept since (generic) “man” had possessions and traded.  I know clay tablets have been found showing goods delivered during the building of the great pyramids 5000+ years ago. It’s not until present technology, even this mundane record keeping has become nearly open public record. Media exposure of this is ancient record is how I know this rather trivial bit of information.

I don’t believe “by court order” is any kind protection or expectation of privacy. It’s all there and available. Privacy is no longer a right. I have (almost) totally and unconsciously, but willingly given that right away. I sign away my rights of privacy every time I use a public or private record system or just go out into public. It’s a fact of life today. It cannot be denied. It’s in the “fine print”.

My plan is to treat every action I take in public and everything that connects to any kind of network as being in the public domain. If I desire privacy, I will have to work hard to find it and then protect it.

I have learned to live very well without real privacy. There are benefits for sure. I gave it away for something I desired in return. The fact is though, it’s too late to change my mind. Society demands “transparency” and knowing everything. Gossip was the old medium of exchange. Now it is only a few key clicks away for hard evidence. But is it true? Evidence needs to be interpreted.

Liars, fakers, storytellers, con artists, criminals, marketers, ad infinitum… all share in this new found open information bounty. Others know more about me than I do… are they correct?

Heck if I know.