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Vendor Alert – Adam Beane Industries

I am not holding a lot of hope for the business practice of  Adam Beane Industries in delivering my order of CX5 modeling material. His web site shows my order as unpaid and I clearly have a PayPal receipt. Obviously his e commerce system is faulty and/or he has gone out of business but left his website alive. It shows several items as “out of stock”. Not a good sign of a thriving and attentive business.

I placed an order two weeks ago for material and waited the full “one or two-week delivery” posted on the web site. (2 weeks). I checked the order status where I discovered it marked both unpaid and unshipped.

I have begun the PayPal process of resolving the process and my slight hope is that it is a just a simply resolvable system glitch. That’s the nice thing about using PayPal. They do have a system to help prove payment when the seller drops the ball.

If the resolution is satisfactory, I will gladly praise Mr. Beane and his actions.

Update 2/15/16:

Alexis from Adam Beane Industries has responded after 16 days since order and almost immediately after the intervention of PayPal. I have received notice of my product payment and product shipment.

I am pleased they have shipped my order with no hassle other than to re-remind me of their 1 to 2 week processing time. There has been nothing dishonest. Just very slow service and inaccurate website customer payment information. I recommend using PayPal if placing orders to Adam Beane Industries.

Update 2/19/16:

The Cx5 has arrived. Totally different material than Castilene as it is very much harder at room temperature. I can tell it should be machineable like plastic. I think it will be a very nice product, very close to wax for carving and sculpting.

Except for the posted unpaid order error on the ABI website and the lengthy delivery, I am satisfied this product has potential for my needs.

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