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KautzCraft studio

I have a new start-up business named KautzCraft Studio. I just added permanent links to the left hand column of this blog. We also have a page on Facebook. Visit either site to see my art!

I have been producing very nice cast silver jewelry using the Lost Wax process for several years. This is where a wax master is created, usually first by carving, then is used to create a hollow mold. The mold is then filled with molten silver which solidifies into an exact copy of the wax. The wax is lost forever, to create the hollow mold. Thus it is called the “Lost Wax” process. There is much finishing required after the casting to create the shiny, silvery look we are used to seeing in silver.

I cast other metals as well. Brass and bronze are used to produce master wax models (for wax injection duplication) and also as finished pieces.

It is a methodology of metal working that has existed for many thousands of years. It is what created the Bronze Age.

With the excellent effort of my wife Gloria, my silver work sells as fast as I can make it. Some I have given as gifts to family and friends.

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