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Something Else Microsoft Doesn’t Tell You

I bought a subscription to MS Office 365. I had a perfectly good earlier version that was not a subscription. The MS Propaganda said (I’ll have to paraphrase) that if you don’t renew the subscription, the Office programs will continue to function but support and updates will terminate.

OK, I can buy that.

I am retired, so to save $100+ I let the Office 365 expire. I lost my “OneDrive” cloud storage which I expected. The Office programs (primarily MS Word and Excel) continued to function as promised.

Later a harassing warning POP-UP appears on every system cold boot start-up, telling me Office can’t log into OneDrive and to enter my log-in. I keep saying to the screen, “No kidding, it’s intentional!” Problem is I can find no way to stop the warning and of course the log in is no longer valid. I click it away and Office 365 programs run fine.

Now three months later and every time I start ANY Office 365 application (Word, Excel) I get another large pop-up WARNING! For me to renew my subscription to remove the warning. (Do you understand what I just said?)

I figure out that I can just click away the popup and then and only then, I can continue to use the Office 365 application. BUT>>>

A yellow WARRNING! Banner then appears in the top ribbon of every application telling me the same thing. The application will work but the banner line must be clicked to make it go away.

I can find no way to stop (turn off) this marketing harassment for renewing the subscription.

Yes, the office suite continues to operate, but Microsoft is going to hound me unceasingly.

I have a very good (and free) alternatives to MS Office called LibreOffice and FreeOffice. I use them with Linux but there are versions for Windows.

I have a contract job where I use Excel with a client. So, to stay 100% compatible with the clients’ system I have relented and renewed the MS Office 365. This work easily covers the renewal cost but my issue is the bad faith created by the Microsoft renewal harassment policy.

Microsoft was truthful. The programs keep working…  if you don’t mind constantly clicking away WARNINGS!

It’s all about what they don’t tell you…

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