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I have many website blogs for my personal special interests. Mostly my hobbies. I have developed skills in building and maintaining well performing Content Management System (CMS) websites. Some of these dynamic sites have been created in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud.

I have experimented on AWS for several years with the Blognasium URL. I have taken that experience and URL, and turned Blognasium into a WWW Community Website. for sharing its services with other users.

Blognasium provides a common internet meeting and communication resource for sharing information. That means posting and sharing your own thoughts and ideas. I have long produced Blogs designed only for my use. Blognasium is a public community for shared contributions.

Both open public and private (members only) publication is possible  Perfect for Special Interests Groups (SIG’s) However, Blognasium is not intended for commercial use or search engine rank building.

Registration is required and what is initially posted will be moderated to maintain a standard of civility. Trusted members will become moderators of their own space.

Link over to Blognasium and check us out.

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