Facebook Does It Again

Built on the Love Canal

I just quit Facebook for the third time. Maybe the charm? Possibly forever.

I was browsing some pictures in the main column of Facebook.

A full screen computer takeover warning popped up with loud audio voice over. “Don’t try to quit!” “Don’t shut down your computer.” “You will lose all your personal files if you do.” We have taken control of everything.” Listen to the following to unlock your… “

I killed everything and rebooted the computer. Then I forced WIN10 to do a security scan. Nothing found. I am hoping it was a fake alarm, but no way do I know that. I wasn’t going to stick around and give the attack time to get established following “their” directions.

Switched to my Linux computer, logged back into Facebook, and terminated my account. That does not delete anything. There is no way to do that on Facebook. Even when I have purposely deleted files, Facebook will return them to me as “Reminders” years later. Facebook is insidious. Big brother has me and my “donations” forever.

If the takeover was real, it may be a Windows only attack. That is why I switched to Linux to quit Facebook. Apple systems which are UNIX based as is Linux, may also be immune.

I was contemplating abandoning Facebook again anyway. It’s the “false prophet” of the world if there ever was one. The word sound “prophet” can also be spelled profit and so has dual meaning. Zuckerberg’s profits are real, but as a prophet, there are many lies and half-truths on Facebook.

Of course, I don’t think Facebook programmers are responsible for creating the attack, but they provide the tools and the means of its execution on my computer. If I stick my hand in a hole and get bitten by a snake, I am going to stop sticking my hand into holes. I least until I make sure there are no snakes inside.

There are many snakes inside Facebook.

Zuckerberg lied about communist advertising during the last election. His credibility for honesty is zero in my book. That is why I was thinking of leaving. With infinite power there needs to be infinite wisdom. Zuckerberg has gained a good share of the first but in my opinion, is sorely lacking in the second.

He has built a figurative playground in the Love Canal at Niagara Falls. The children of Facebook have no idea of the poisons surrounding them. The vast majority present on Facebook probably never heard of the Love Canal… or have forgotten the lesson.

What you see on the surface can hide the truth buried underneath.