50 Years Ago

October 12, 1968

A very important ceremony involving me and my best friend Gloria occurred on October 12, 1968. We are the two kids in the middle of the picture. It’s wonderful what one will do when in Love.

Our love started in High School in Boardman, Ohio in 1964, our senior year. Yep, as high school sweethearts. The wedding took four years to happen and only my Navy service took us apart for awhile. We remained  faithful to each other through letters and phone calls.

We have been “steady” together and best friends for over 54 years… Time really flies when you are having fun. Yeah, we both confirmed a few days ago, we did the right thing back then. Our two 46 year old children (twins, Steve and Shelley) think so too… We just had a great evening celebration with them and their spouses and our granddaughter. We all have October wedding adversaries. Maybe our granddaughter will too, some day…