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Blognasium is a goner.

He failed an update and when several attempts to restore from the total backup I made (just before the update) also failed, I decided to pull the plug on life support.

Maintaining Blognasium was way more effort and cost than it was worth. It started as an exercise in playing with a cloud based website (Amazon Web Service) and the StackIdeas share-site software. It was a successful experiment and I learned a lot. But with only myself and my two adult children as very occasional visitors, it was unnecessary cost and effort.

I am downsizing the number of websites I support and already dropped my special 3D Printing website. I think I had only one regular visitor. So, It’s gone too. Other’s may follow… I’m thinking.

I have all the pictures from Blognasium, but doubt I will post them on-line again.

R.I.P. Blognasium He’s gone off visiting with G.W. Bush… 

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