Changing Fonts

The first day of a brand new year, 2019, today and a strange thing happened to one of my websites. The fonts changed.

I use a program called Artisteer to produce the template that creates the design of the website. The fonts and many other details are saved in a form called a Cascading Style Sheet (CCS). There is apparently a trigger buried or has been hacked into the CCS. This first day of 2019, the script style text fonts in one site changed to Russian or Cyrillic fonts.

Actually, the site displayed a normal Arial style font, but the page was created with a flowing script font. It’s worked (displayed) fine for many years. What I first noticed was the text was too wide for the column it was in. Then I noticed the script was gone.

I went to the Artisteer program and that’s where I see the font I had been using now displays in some weird Cyrillic-looking format. I had to close the window to bottom bar then reopen the window for the fonts to change. I had to change the template to a non-script font that wasn’t changing.

I can only see the effect and I have no real idea why this is occurring. Apparently, there is a date coded trigger in the font file. All I can see is the effect, not the reason. It’s a hack from somewhere…

It seems there is always a new surprise from the internet spoilers…