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It’s Under Control

It’s Under Control

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ is holding its own as a low cost PC style computer. It is proving practical as an everyday driver (in automobile terms) and of course can be customized to the Nth degree for just about any special embedded control application that can be imagined.

It certainly is not a screamingly fast super computer. That is not its design or purpose. That means there are some practical performance limitations. Nothing that is a show stopper or spoils the ride.

It is in every sense, a “real” computer as we have come to expect. It is also much more than a “normal” machine for those who like to tinker with hardware and software. The embedded HDMI video graphics are outstanding in such a minimal machine. Four available USB 2.0 sockets are also amazing. This newest revision also has blue-tooth and Wi-Fi built in as well as the usual Cat5 wired Internet connector. All other possible system I/O is available through pins or ribbon cable connectors.

Not everyone wants to play with the hardware and software of their personal computing devices. The world is full of mere users and operators. The same can be said for automobile drivers. Nothing wrong in that. For someone who likes to know how things work (an engineer?) using computers for control, the Raspberry Pi is a good starting point. Fully functional as a full PC-like computer, but completely open for other applications.

I am a building and environmental energy management controls professional. My credentials are; CEM (Certified Energy Manger), BEP (Business Energy Professional), and CSDP (Certified Sustainable Development Professional). I have been around the block a few times with computer control systems. Of course, there are many digital control systems, non-industry people have never heard about.

The Raspberry Pi is an excellent “civilian” controller computer that can mimic any of the professional systems when connected to the proper I/O devices. It’s good to have that kind of control available at such a reasonable cost.

Mother’s, you CAN let your children grow up to be control engineers. Give them some Raspberry Pi.

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