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Logitech K780 Keyboard

K780 and M720

Just received and installed my newest keyboard. A Logitech (of course) (most are pretty good). Model K780

This keyboard is wireless. That is the main attraction for me. Next it is able to connect to multiple devices (3 to be exact). The best part of that, the connection can be either Bluetooth or USB 2.4GHz dongle. The best part of THAT… is it can be any combination or all of either.

Most Logitech multiple connect keyboards can only connect to one USB dongle and the other connections must be Bluetooth. In my opinion, this is the only keyboard they built to my expectations.

Of course I am using it to write this.


It’s not really a compact keyboard but it is less tall than others because it does not have the wide front apron (palm rest?) of the larger keyboards. That’s fine with me as I don’t type using that space. The K780 does have the number pad which makes it a wide keyboard. But, it does not have the directional cluster of keys between the letter section and the number pad. So, there is some reduction in width.

There is a permanent (white or speckled colored) (Mine is speckled.) ledge at the top for propping up an iPad or smart-phone for typing with a Bluetooth connection. I may do that but what I really want to do is connect to multiple PC type computers with one keyboard/mouse system.

Oh, yeah, I mentioned the mouse. I purchased a new wireless and switchable mouse to work with the keyboard. A Logitech M720. I connects to the same USB dongle as the keyboard. Sweet! It too is USB and Bluetooth capable in any combination.

Both the keyboard and the mouse are powered by replaceable pencell batteries. The life expectancy is up to two years. That’s because the K780 keyboard is non illuminated.

I purchased a tiny LED dim-able desk lamp so keyboard illumination is not a requirement. I should write a review on that lamp!

I have another wireless Logitech model K800 Full size keyboard with a MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse. The K800 is back-lighted so it requires a rechargeable battery system. The MX2S mouse is also rechargeable. About every 7-10 days I have to put them both on charge for 3-4 hours. So. For awhile, neither is wireless. That’s why I choose the battery system as my next keyboard. The dry batteries last so long one forgets there are batteries (1 to 2 years!)

User Experience

The round key tops are unusual. Remember, the first typewriters had round keys. (A throwback?) Is this an issue? Not really, just a new experience. Completely adaptable to my style. Just a different look. The keystrokes are familiar Logitech, non mechanical.

My fingertips are numb as I have PN (peripheral neuropathy.) I far as I can tell, the “feel” is quite good. No problem with my PN. Enough key travel and stop feedback, I can type at “my” normal pace without problem.

The K780 and M720 are a good combination and certainly keepers with with this first use evaluation. This is an experience report and not detailed how to install and use. It’s easy to figure that out yourself. I am happy with performance and “feel” and I certainly won’t miss the recharging cycle of my other keyboard.

The best part is I now have one keyboard and mouse in front of me that I can easily switch between three devices. And NO WIRES!


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