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Big MAC Update

MACmini under the monitor.

This new MAC mini is the first macOS I have experienced on a decent speed, 3.6GHz quad core processor. I mentioned elsewhere my first (now 14-year-old) mini was designed by Apple to be a low-end low performer so it wouldn’t compete on an equal basis with the rest of the Apple product line. It has the original Apple “PowerPC” G4 1.42 GHz processor, 167 Mhz bus.

Performance is as fast as most low-end laptop computers of the time, so it was a good but certainly not a speedy machine. At the time, I though it was just fine for my needs.

The new quad core mini I chose is also the low end mini, but the operational ability of the machine is no slouch. The RAM is high speed, operating at 2667 MHz with 8GB. The amount of RAM can be increased if I feel the need. 8 MB seems like an excellent starting point.

The MAC mini can be purchased with much more RAM and powerful electronics, for buyers with greater needs and budget. The quad version I have is certainly NOT a low-performing starting point. I don’t need to run tests to see if I have the fastest running clock speed. My PC’s are tools, not “Hot-Rods” trying to beat every other PC in town. They do the jobs I need.

I have said, the issue with the other “main” PCs I own is an operating system that disrespects my needs.

Enough about the MAC mini’s specs. It’s suitable performance that really matters and the “base” version of the MAC mini is everything I need. It is equal or better than all my other personal computers. I won’t have to make excuses for what I bought while enduring mediocre performance. The quad mini is a good machine, hardware wise.

The Operating System is familiar from my past experiences. It’s “growing” on me as I re-learn its habits and features. I am no expert (yet) with macOS, but I can see it can be the first system I go to for most of my computing needs. For reasons I have stated many times, the WIN10 and Linux systems are not being replaced. The same reason I have many different hammers in my tool box. Each has its own design to do specific tasks. I need and use them all.

I ran some new photos I took through Adobe Lightroom on the mini last night. The process was every bit as good as on my two WIN10 computers with equal spec quad processors. Totally satisfactory editing. I absolutely don’t believe a 6-core processor would make any user experience difference, and the point is I really don’t care, as I don’t need Adobe Lightroom to work any faster or so-called “better”.

It also implies that the operating system Lightroom runs in makes no difference for me. The urban legend that “real” artists need a macOS is bunk. MACs are favored because of the hardware, not the OS.

It’s still very early. I haven’t gone through an OS upgate or any OS housekeeping tasks that annoy me or get in the way of what I want the computer to do. That’s why it’s here. I don’t expect perfection. Nothing is ever perfect. I am looking for a system I don’t have to cuss at in frustration because of an unexpected action that kills a task I have running.

No grief yet with the MAC mini.




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