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The new Intel NUC10 arrived and the 500GB SSD, 2TB HDD and the 32GB RAM from the old NUC7 was installed. Glad to say all the drives and memory are in perfect working condition. Operating exactly as they should.

What surprised me was the WIN10 OS was perfectly happy in its new home. I had expected it to stop working with the new computer ID. It seems I registered the original install using my Microsoft Account ID. So, it continued doing its OS thing perfectly happy with its new surroundings.

I now own an unused new version of WIN10 Pro Retail I can use on some new future hardware.

The NUC10 looks similar but there have been many changes from the NUC7. Nothing too important. It is still a NUC but with three times the active cores (12) of the old NUC7 (4).

I gave this new machine a new “name” on my network. Its called “Lazarus” as it is a PC that has risen from the dead. The body is slightly different, but the brains are the same.

What I am happy about is no loss of data. It has just come back to life as it was before the lightning strike put out its lights…

I cannot repair the MAC-mini, also killed by the lightning. The SMT (Surface Mount Technology) with micro-small components soldered on the main-board is not repairable. The SSD 250GB drive is also soldered in. I will dig out the 32GB RAM as that may have survived, same as the RAM in the NUC.

Perhaps a good starting point for a low end NUC to become the next “SANDBOX” Linux system. I can live without the Linux box, but it was the computer I could write and test software applications without endangering my two mainstream computers, the WIN10 and MAC-mini. That is how it earned its name.

I looked at my Raspberry-Pi (Rpi) SBC collection for that duty. Ideal for small or dedicated applications. Not so good at real world desktop PC computing. The Rpi can do that but are limited in speed and memory.

No rush on the Linux system. It was installed on old low value hardware and my insurance took that into serious consideration.

The garage shop computer that died in the lighting strike can possibly be replaced with a low end NUC. I have a new WIN10 license. CNC control does not require a powerhouse CPU or even lots of RAM. I have a lot of good spare RAM from past upgrades.

Food for thought. Lets see where this will go.


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