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Keeping on Key

Just received my new keyboard for the MAC-mini.  My first keyboard started fading in and out of consciousness. It was a Bluetooth running on dry battery. I put in new batteries and it made no difference.

I started thinking it might have something damaged from the lightning strike. All the electronics around it were damaged, needing replaced. I cannot prove it was lighting as it has (had) no physical connection to any of the devices. Just Bluetooth radio.

The new keyboard is a Logitech MX KEYS for MAC. Yeah, that’s what it is called. It’s also Bluetooth and is working perfectly. The MAC-mini is brand new so the problem was definitely in the old keyboard.

Retail, it is in the $100 range. Not one of the low end $20 specials they give away with some new computers. This keyboard is very nice and has excellent “feel” on the key action. Logitech makes good keyboards.

This MX KEYS is a rechargeable as is the Logitech I use for the Intel NUC. Both need a charge every ten days or so. Longer if I turn off the lighted keyboard. I like lighted keyboards.

I wanted a keyboard with the number pad. Logitech makes quite a few keyboard models, and many do not have the number pad. It makes the keyboard more compact, but this is what I like. I do a lot of number crunching.

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